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PHPTek 2010, FRAPI release party!

Posted by David in PHP, frapi
Tuesday, May 25th, 2010 at 12:13

tekx Last week Helgi and I had the humongous chance and honour to fly to the “windy city” to PHP Tek 2010. For a change however, the purpose of this trip was not to give a talk at #tekx but to announce the open source release of a little something we’ve been cooking up for a while.

After flying from Dublin (me) and London (Helgi) finally reached Chicago and met up with the PHP Tek crowd. After discussing details with Marco Tabini, we organized a little event to announce our long awaited RESTful API Framework FRAPI.

The party was loud and fun. People chatted, asked a bunch of questions, complained, encouraged us and thanked us. We even turned around and made a live demo with no preparation whatsoever and, believe it or not, there were no bugs during the demo :-)

The future is looking very bright for FRAPI which has attracted a LOT of attention over the past few days and we are looking forward for even more in the coming weeks. Even though there’s still some work to do in terms of documentation and a few things I would like to see changed, I have to admit that FRAPI is in a somewhat cool place right now with the upcoming *any-cache* compatibility (Which means that it will run on windows — wincache) will make it even more interesting. Currently FRAPI only supports APC but this is soon going to be fixed giving FRAPI the ability to run on the likes of Windows Azure and any other platform supported by the caching mechanism.

If you feel like trying out FRAPI, you are more than welcomed to visit http://getfrapi.com and start right away by either downloading FRAPI or forking us on the spot.

I would like to thank everyone at php|architect who have been very helpful and also a big thanks to the sales department in the Sheraton Gateway Suites O’Hare who have been the most helpful (In fact it may be the most helpful sales team I’ve come across in many years!)

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